International Cloud Working Group

International Cloud Working Group: ICWG

The International Cloud Working Group (ICWG) was established as a formal Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (CGMS) working group in 2014. The working group organises biennial workshops (about every 24 months), with its first workshop in 2016. It provides a forum for operational and research users of cloud parameter retrievals that aims to enhance knowledge on quantitative cloud parameter retrievals from state-of-the-art algorithms and identify shortcomings that need focused attention as a community. Continual improvement in the global description of cloud properties optimises these algorithms for near-term (now-casting), short- to medium-term (weather forecasting), and long-term (regional and climatological analyses) applications, as well as for potential improvements in the cloud and convection parameterisations adopted in weather and climate models.

The objectives of the ICWG include:

a) to promote commonality in operational cloud retrieval algorithms;
b) to address research questions identified by space agencies and WMO programs (e.g. GEWEX);
c) to promote assessments of cloud retrievals;
d) to foster adoption of standards, for example validation procedures and data formats;
e) to contribute to the definition of new space borne observation capabilities for cloud retrievals and validation;
f) to support and stimulate training;
g) to enhance the communication in this field and develop international partnerships.

More information on the International Cloud Working Group can be found here.