Satellite Status

Latest satellite status and plans

Satellites operated by CGMS Members are listed in a set of tables that are maintained by the WMO Space Programme office on behalf of CGMS. The tables indicate the current status of on-orbit satellites along with the plans for future ones including launch date, orbital characteristics, payload and operational status if relevant. Hyperlinks enable navigation to more detailed information from the relevant satellite agency as well as to the online OSCAR (Observing System Capabilities Analysis and Review) tool which contains detailed information on instruments, satellites, or high-level gap analysis. Information is available for both operational and R&D satellites in geostationary, highly elliptical, sun-synchronous and drifting orbits which contribute – or have the potential to contribute – to the space-based component of the Global Observing System (GOS). The tables may be accessed here. These tables are regularly updated to the best of our knowledge, on the basis of information provided by the satellite operators. Please be aware that status and plans may evolve with time. Neither WMO nor CGMS can be liable for the consequences of inaccuracies that could be found in these tables.