Space weather coordination group

​Space Weather Coordination Group (SWCG)

The CGMS Space Weather Coordination Group (SWCG) was established by the 46th CGMS plenary on 8 June 2018, building upon the work performed by the former Space Weather Task Team, created in 2015 during CGMS-43.

SWCG co-chairs: Elsayed Taalat, NOAA / Tsutomu Nagatsuma NICT/JMA

SWCG rapporteur: Andrew Monham, EUMETSAT

SWCG Terms of Reference:

Scope of the Space Weather Coordination Group

The SWCG supports the continuity and integration of space-based observing capabilities for operational space weather products and services throughout CGMS and the user community and the CGMS satellite operators with regard to space weather phenomena.

Objectives of the Space Weather Coordination Group

The Space Weather Coordination Group (SWCG) has the following objectives:

  1. Coordinate space weather activities within and across CGMS working groups including space weather data, ensuring space weather operational measurements are incorporated into the CGMS baseline, relevant frequencies, anomaly resolution, products, knowledge, policy, etc.;
  2. Address space weather topics relevant to CGMS that are not currently within the purview of other CGMS WGs;
  3. Facilitate dialogue between CGMS members and space weather communities;
  4. Identify which space weather organisations/forums the SWCG should interact with both as an active participant and/or engaging them within CGMS activities;
  5. Identify needs and requirements from space weather communities that should be managed and coordinated by CGMS or its members;
  6. Follow current and future international and domestic space weather policies which may have an effect on CGMS or its members; and
  7. Review the CGMS high level priorities related to space weather.

Coordination between the SWCG and CGMS WGs I-IV

To ensure sufficient space weather engagement with CGMS working groups I-IV, the SWCG nominates one person from the SWCG to support each of the CGMS WGs annually during the CGMS annual meeting and at relevant inter-sessional meetings.

Coordination between the SWCG and international space weather bodies

  1. The SWCG shall represent CGMS though nominating participants as required to attend meetings, workshops and conferences within the field of space weather. This includes in particular events like the European Space Weather Week and the US Space Weather Workshop and with organisations like UN-COPUOS, WMO, ISES, COSPAR, ISWI, ILWS, and IAU.