Tokyo, Japan, 13-15 December 1993

EUM P 14

ISBN 92-9110-014-5
ISSN 1023-0416




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Kozo Ninomiya

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Gérard Szejwach

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Keynote Address  
T T Fujita

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Title   Chairperson  
Session 1:
Operational Extraction of Cloud Motion Winds from Current and Future Geostationary Satellite Systems
  T. Hamada  

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Session 2:
Wind Tracking from Absorption Channel Date
  J Schmetz  

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Session 3:
Verification and Impact Studies of Operational Wind Data
  D E Hinsman  

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Session 4:
Future Studies and Development
  P Menzel  

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Session 5:
Conclusions and Recommendations
  G Szejwach  

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Title   Author/Chairperson  
Panel Discusssion 1: Operational Improvements   John Le Marshall  

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Panel Discussion 2: Verification Techniques   J F W Purdom  

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SESSION 1: Operational Extraction of Cloud Motion Winds from Current and Future Geostationary Satellites


Title   Authors  
Current Status of GMS Wind and Operational Low-Level Derivation in a Typhoon Vicinity from Short-Time Interval Images   S Takata  

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An Operational System for Generating Cloud Drift Winds in the Australian Region and their Impact on Numerial Weather Prediction   J LeMarshall, N Pescod, B Seaman and P Stewart  

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Current Status of the Operational Wind Extraction Program in NOAA/NESDIS   R Walter, Jr.  

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Current System for Extracting Cloud Motion Vectors from METEOSAT Multi-Channel Image Data   K Holmlund, A Ottenbacher, and J Schmetz  

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Cloud Motion Wind Extraction from GOMS Data   L Anekeeva  

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Recent Improvements in Cloud Motion Vector Derivation from INSAT
(Abstract only)
  R Kelkar, A Rao and R Bhatia  

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China Meteorological Satellite FY – 2 Cloud Drift Wind Processing Method   Chen E, Lu Q, Zhang H  

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SESSION 2: Wind Tracking from Absorption Channel Data


Title   Authors  
Operational Water Vapour Wind Vectors From Meteosat Imagery Data   K Holmlund  

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Water-Vapour Channel Winds from Synthetic Radiances   R Lunnon, A Gairey  

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Wind Extraction From Water Vapor Images   H Uchida  

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Investigation of Water Vapor Motion Winds from Geostationary Satellites   C Velden  

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SESSION 3: Verification and Impact Studies of Operational Wind Data


Title   Authors  
Assigning Heights to Cloud Motion Vectors   W Menzel, S Wanzong, S Nieman, and J Schmetz  

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Forecast of Displacement Velocity of the Basic Sites of Large-Scale Cyclonic Cloud Systems and Frontal Sections from Satellite Data   L Bakst, N Fedorova  

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Comparison of Verification Techniques, Is it Time for Convergence?   D Hinsman  

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Winds: Towards Better Weather Forecasts in Africa   Kinyoda G  

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Study of Cirrus Cloud Winds : Analysis of I.C.E. Data
  R Lunnon, D Lowe, J Barnes and I Dharssi  

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Use of Low Level 'Detailed' Satellite Cloud Motion Wind Around Tropical Cyclones in the JMA Numerical Weather Prediction System
  K Onogi  

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Relationship between Monthly Mean Water Vapour Wind Fields and the Upper Tropospheric Humidity   J Schmetz, C Geijo, K Holmlund, L Van de Berg  

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Quality Assessment of Operational Cloud-Motion Wind Data   B Strauss  

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Construction of Cloud Trajectories : A Way to Check Cloud Wind Quality   A Szantai and M Desbois  

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Verification of Meteosat Cloud Motion Winds with Radiosonde Data   H Woick  

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SESSION 4: Future Studies and Development


Title   Authors  
The Feasibility of Extracting Low-Level Wind by Tracing Low Level Moisture Observed by IR Imagery over Cloud Free Ocean Area in the Tropics   T Ihoue and T Nakazawa  

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The CMW Extraction Algorithm For MTP/MPEF   Y Buhler and K Holmlund  

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Recent Research In The Automated Quality Control Of Cloud Motion Vectors At CIMSS/NESDIS   C Hayden  

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Numerical Experiments Using Cloud Motion Winds at ECMWF   G Kelly  

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Cloud Motion and Height Measurements from Multiple Satellites Including Cloud Heights and Motions in Polar Regions   J Purdom and P Dills  

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Computing Cloud Motion Using a Correlation Relaxation Algorithm — Improving Estimation by Exploiting Problem Knowledge   Wu, Q  

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