Lorne, Australia, 28 February - 3 March 2000

EUM P 28

ISBN 92-9110-036-6
ISSN 1023-0416


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Session 1:
Current Systems to Derive Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs)
  Donald Hinsman  

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Session 2:
Verification and Objective Quality Analysis
  Masami Tokuno  

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Session 3:
Assimilation and Impact of Atmospheric Motion Vectors in Numerical Weather Prediction
  John Le Marshall  

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Session 4:
New Retrieval Systems
  Ramesh C. Bhatia  

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Session 5:
New Techniques
  Jianmin Xu  

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Session 6:
New Space Borne Systems
  Johannes Schmetz  

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Working Group 1 Report: Methods   Chris Velden  

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Working Group 2 Report: Utilisation   Brian Soden  

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Working Group 3 Report: Verification and Quality Indicators   Kenneth Holmlund  

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SESSION 1: Current Systems to Derive Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs)


Status of GMS-5 Wind Products and MTSAT Wind Products Plans at MSC/JMA   M. Tokuno  

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Status and Development of Operational GOES Wind Products   J. Daniels, C. Velden, W. Bresky and A. Irving  

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Operational Meteosat Wind Products Towards MSG   M. Rattenborg (presented by S.S. Elliott)  

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Recent Advances in the Generation and Assimilation of High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Satellite Winds   J. Le Marshall, N. Pescod, R. Seecamp, A. Rea, C. Tingwell, G.Ellis and H. Shi  

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A Comparison of two Atmospheric Motion Vector Derivation Schemes: The EUMETSAT MSG Prototyping Scheme and the NSMC Scheme   J. Xu, K. Holmlund, Q. Zhang and J. Schmetz  

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SESSION 2: Verification and Objective Quality Analysis


Monitoring Satellite Winds at ECMWF   F. Lalaurette and A. Garcia-Mendez  

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Improved Quality Estimates of Atmospheric Motion Vectors Utilising the EUMETSAT Quality Indicators and the UW/CIMSS Auto-Editor   K. Holmlund, C.S. Velden and M. Rohn  

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Parallel Quality Control of EUMETSAT Wind Products, with and without the use of Forecast Wind Fields   S.S. Elliott  

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The NWP SAF Integrated Satellite Wind Monitoring Report   P. Butterworth, F. Lalaurette, B.J. Conway and A. Garcia Mendez (presented by F. Lalaurette)  

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Towards the Assimilation of Quikscat Winds   A. Stoffelen, M. Portabella and A. Voorrips  

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Recent Improvements in the Quality of INSAT Derived CMV’s and their use in Numerical Model Forecast   P.N. Khanna, R.C. Bhatia and D. Singh  

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Geometric Clouds Heights from Meteosat and AVHRR   G.G. Campbell and K. Holmlund  

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SESSION 3: Assimilation and Impact of AMVs in NWP


Impact of Satellite Temperature, Moisture, and Wind Observations in the Eta Data Assimilation System over three Seasons   T.H. Zapotocny, J.P. Nelson, J.A. Jung and W.P. Menzel (presented by W.P. Menzel)  

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The Impact of Satellite-Derived Winds on GFDL Hurricane Model Forecasts   B.J. Soden and C.S. Velden  

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Use of Meteosat-5 Derived Winds for Analysis of two Tropical Cyclones Affecting Gujarat Coast on 20 May, 1999 and Orissa Coast on 29 October, 1999   R.C. Bhatia, P.N. Khanna, K. Prasad, D. Singh and M. Das Gupta  

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Assimilation of Satellite-Derived Winds into the Community Hurricane Modeling System (CHUMS) at Penn State   J.L. Evans  

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Recent Developments in the use of Satellite Winds at the UK Met. Office
  P. Butterworth and N.B. Ingleby (presented by B. Ingleby)  

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Assimilation of Conventional and Satellite Wind Observations in the Global Data Assimilation System at NCMRWF
  S.R.H. Rizvi, M. Das Gupta, A.K. Mitra, V.S. Prasad and H.V. Gupta  

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Toward Improved use of GOES Satellite-Derived Winds at the NCEP Environmental Modelling Center
(Abstract only)
  X. Su, J. Derber, S. Lord and C.S. Velden  

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The Preliminary Study of the Impact of Quikscat/Seawinds Ocean Surface Wind Data to The JMA Global Model   Y. Tahara  

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The Use of the MPEF Quality Indicator   G. Kelly and M. Rohn  

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SESSION 4: New Retrieval Systems


Exploratory Satellite-Derived Winds Research at CIMSS   C.S. Velden  

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Creation of a Platform-Independent Version of the UW-CIMSS Geostationary, High-Density Wind Derivation Algorithm
  T. Olander, C. Velden and C. Spinoso  

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The Atmospheric Motion Vector Retrieval Scheme for Meteosat Second Generation   K. Holmlund  

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Developments for a High-Resolution Wind Product from the HRV Visible Channel of the Meteosat Second Generation   J.M. Fernández  

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Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV) Analysis Tools in the NSMC AMV Derivation Scheme   Q. Zhang and J. Xu  

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SESSION 5: New Techniques


Polar Orbiter: Stereo Heights and Cloud Motions
  G.G. Campbell and F.-M. Breon  

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On the use of Rapid Scans
  J. Schmetz, K. Holmlund, H.P. Roesli and V. Levizzani  

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Investigations of Cross-Correlation and Euclidean Distance Target Matching Techniques in the MPEF Environment
  G. Dew and K. Holmlund (presented by K. Holmlund)  

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Tracking Low-Level Clouds over Land on Meteosat Images   A. Szantai, F. Désalmand, M. Desbois, P. Lecomte, P. Perez, S. Zimeras and P. Bouthemy  

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SESSION 6: New Space Borne Systems


GIFTS – A System for Wind Profiling from Geostationary Satellites
  W. Smith, W. Harrison, D. Hinton, V. Parsons, A. Larar, H. Revercomb, A. Huang, C. Velden, P. Menzel, R. Petersen, G. Bingham and R. Huppi  

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Wind Energy Mapping Using Synthetic Aperture Radar   C.B. Hasager  

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The Atmospheric Dynamics Mission   P. Ingmann and J. Fuchs  

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Impact Assessment of a Doppler Wind Lidar in Space on Atmospheric Analyses and Numerical Weather Prediction   G.J. Marseille, A. Stoffelen, F. Bouttier, C. Cardinali, S. de Haan and D. Vasiljevic (presented by A. Stoffelen)  

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Combined Capabilities of Data from Active and Passive Satellite Instruments to Define Atmospheric Motion   J.F.W. Purdom  

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