CEOS-CGMS Joint WG on Climate

CEOS-CGMS Joint Working Group on Climate (JWGClimate)

The first meeting of the joint Working Group on Climate (JWGClimate) of the Committee for Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) and the Coordination Group for meteorological Satellites (CGMS) took place on 5-7 March 2014 at EUMETSAT HQ, Darmstadt, Germany. The main topics included the next steps to be taken in implementing the Climate Strategy, the gap analysis that can be initiated from the ECV Inventory, the impact of the strategy report issued by the Carbon Task force.

The goals of this working group are to establish an inventory of existing records of Essential Climate Variables derived from observations from space, to plan the production of more Climate Data Records and to optimise planning of future satellites to expand records and avoid data gaps.

The meeting was followed by a workshop of the SCOPE-CM (Sustained, Co-Ordinated Processing of Environmental Satellite Data for Climate Monitoring) international initiative supported by the World Meteorological Organization and a network of operators of environmental satellite systems, where work plans for cooperative Climate Data Record generation projects were established.

Further information on the CEOS-CGMS JWGClimate is available here.