Space weather

In 2018 CGMS expanded the scope of its activities to include Space Weather. The coordination of Space Waether activities is pursued from an end-to-end perspective, between operators of space weather sensors on satellites, through space weather service providers and onto end-user communities, including the satellite operations community.

CGMS works in the following areas:

  • The coordination of existing and planned sensing of solar and near-Earth environment necessary for operational space weather services, such that gaps in global space-borne instrument capability may be identified and mitigated within the international space-faring community;
  • The quality and reliability of the end-to-end space weather data provision and whether it is really fulfilling the needs and expectations of the user community;
  • Collection of spacecraft operator anomaly reports, potentially related to the space environment, to contribute to a database of space weather effects for usage by satellite designers, operators and service providers in increasing the robustness of satellites and their missions against space environmental effects, and mitigating risks of routine spacecraft operation.
  • Identifying opportunities for inter-calibration of space weather sensors between operators to improve consistency of global data sets
  • The compilation of user needs and existing / planned assets in the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) OSCAR Database.