4th CGMS risk assessment workshop

4th CGMS risk assessment workshop

The 4th CGMS WG III risk assessment workshop to be held virtually on 22-24 February 2022.


The overall objective of this annual workshop is to perform the CGMS risk assessment and to review and update the CGMS baseline as necessary.

The specific key objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Consider the latest WMO gap analysis, status of discussions on the new unified data policy Res. 1 and any impact on the CGMS baseline;
  • Perform the annual CGMS risk assessment;
  • Review and update the CGMS baseline for recommendation to plenary;
  • Identify contingency actions as necessary;
  • Prepare a CGMS response to WMO’s paper “Satellite data exchange requirements for global NWP”;
  • Prepare any CGMS joint working group meetings if needed;
  • Review WGIII list of actions.


Envisaged participation to this workshop is the CGMS WGIII members, CGMS space agency members, WMO and invited guests.

The agenda and the registration form are available here. Please register by 17 February 2022.