CGMS Baseline

CGMS Baseline

The CGMS Baseline enumerates the observations, measurements, and services that form the CGMS contribution to the space-based Global Observing System and is responding to end-user requirements expressed in WMO’s Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR). The CGMS Baseline will strive to support the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) 2040 vision and serves as CGMS’s response to the WIGOS 2040 Vision to document what missions are currently being, or planned on being flown.

The CGMS Baseline included missions that are comprised of the following key principles:

  • Commitment: The CGMS Members are providing, or have firm plans to provide, the observations, measurements, and services enumerated in the Baseline.
  • Sustained: The observations, measurements, and services are provided on a sustained basis.
  • Available: The observations, measurements, and services are available on a free and unrestricted basis.
  • Operational: The data and products can be utilised in operational applications.

The observations and measurements that constitute the CGMS Baseline are enumerated in a table that describes the sensor type, the orbit, the observation/measurement (or geophysical parameter), and any specific orbital attributes. The table was designed to facilitate the linkage with the WMO OSCAR/Space database, future risk assessments, and gap analyses.

The CGMS Baseline discusses the importance of services and steps CGMS will take to ensure the quality and continuity of data and products.