Washington DC, USA, 17-19 September 1991

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Impressum and disclaimer

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P K Rao

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J Morgan

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Session 1:
Operational Extraction of Cloud Motion Winds from Current and Future Geostationary Satellite Systems
  D B Miller  

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Session 2:
Wind Tracking from Absorption Channel Date
  A Thoss  

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Session 3:
Verification and Impact Studies of Operational Wind Data
  D E Hinsman  

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Session 4:
Future Studies and Development
  J Schmetz  

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Panel Discussion:
Report of the Chairperson of the Panel Discussion
  W L Smith  

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Conclusions and Recommendations
  G Szejwach  

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SESSION 1: Operational Extraction of Cloud Motion Winds from Current and Future Geostationary Satellites


Title   Authors  
Further Improvements of Cloud Motion Wind Extraction Techniques   J Schmetz  

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The Current Stage of Development of a Method of Producing Cloud Motion Vectors at High Latitudes from NOAA Satellites   L D Herman  

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Height Assignment of GMS High-Level Cloud Motion Wind   H Uchida  

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Operational Derivation of INSAT Winds Present Status and Future Plans   U V Gopala Rao  

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Soviet Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite GOMS: Current Status and Perspectives for Wind Data Extraction   A Karpov  

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WMO Support for Satellite Activities: A Means Towards Standardization
(Abstract only)
  D E Hinsman  

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SESSION 2: Wind Tracking from Absorption Channel Data


Title   Authors  
Wind Extraction and Validation from the Water Vapor Channel of METEOSAT During the International Cirrus Experiment   A Szantal  

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Wind Extraction from Multiple METEOSAT Channels   H Laurent  

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The NESDIS/CIMSS Winds Algorithm: Current Status and Future Improvements   W P Menzel  

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Displacement Vectors from METEOSAT WV Images Using a New Extraction Technique   G Buche  

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SESSION 3: Verification and Impact Studies of Operational Wind Data


Title   Authors  
Interpretation of Cloud Winds   T T Fujita  

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Cloud Motion Winds, Validation and Impact on Numerical Weather Forecasts   A Thoss  

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The Impact of Satellite-Derived Winds on Hurricane Analysis and Track Forecasting   C S Velden  

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A Comparison of Cloud Motion Vectors and Aircraft Winds   P R Julian  

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Verification o Cloud Motion Winds from METEOSAT Results of a METEOSAT-GOES Wind Intercomparison Campaign in August 1990
  H Woick  

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Real Time Cloud Drift Wind Calculation and Application in the Australian Region
  J LeMarshall  

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A Study of Different Methods of Interpolating Numerical Forecast Data for the Purpose of Validating Cloud Motion Winds   R W Lunnon and D A Lowe  

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Monitoring of Cloud-Motion Winds at ECMWF   B Strauss  

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SESSION 4: Future Studies and Developments


Title   Authors  
Research Leading to Future Operational Methods for Wind Extraction   C M Hayden  

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The Use of cloud Relative Animation in the Analysis of Satellite Data   D A Lubich and J F Purdom  

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Suggestions for Improving the Derivation of Winds from Geosynchronous Satellites   W E Shenk  

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Tracer Quality Identifiers for Accurate Cloud Motion Wind Estimates   K Holmlund  

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Altitude Specification of Cloud Motion Winds   W L Smith  

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The Meteosat Second Generation Imager: Definition and Challenges   F Gerard  

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Potential Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to Wind Extraction Based on Cloud Motion in Satellite Images   Y Lure, H Yeh, C Arnold  

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Cloud Drift Winds Made from Rapid Scan Imagery Data Obtained During the Experiment on Rapidly Intensifying Storms over the Atlantic (ERICA)   R K Anderson  

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