Working Group Reports

Report from Working Group 1 (WG1): Methods   Chairs: John Le Marshall, Dave Santek
Report from Working Group 2 (WG2): Data Assimilation   Chairs: Niels Bormann, James Cotton

SESSION 1: Current Systems to Derive Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs). Chairs: Jeff Key and Olivier Hautecoeur

Operational wind products at NOAA/NESDIS: a status update   Hongming Qi, Jaime Daniels, Jeff Key, Paul Chang, Nicholas Esposito, Andrew Bailey, Jeffrey Augenbaum
Current status of EUMETSAT operational AMV Products   Régis Borde, Olivier Hautecoeur and Manuel Carranza
Current Status of operational wind products in JMA/MSC   Kazuki Shimoji and Kenichi Nonaka
Status of operational AMVs from Fengyun-2 satellites   Xiaohu Zhang, Jianmin Xu, Qisong Zhang
Atmospheric motion vectors from INSAT-3D: ISRO status   Sanjib K Deb, D K Sankhala, and C M Kishtawal
NWC SAF / high resolution winds AMV software version 2016   Javier García-Pereda
Status of the operational satellite winds production at CPTEC/INPE and its usage in regional data assimilation over South America   Renato G. Negri, Luiz F. Sapucci, Lucas Avanço, Nelson Ferreira, Luiz G. G. Gonçalves

SESSION 2: AMV Derivation. Chair: Steve Wanzong

Derivation of wind vectors from Metop AVHRR at EUMETSAT   Olivier Hautecoeur, Régis Borde
Polar winds from near-infrared band cloud tracking   Jeff Key, David Santek, Richard Dworak
Use of GOES-R Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) proxy data to assess the performance of the GOES-R winds   Jaime Daniels, Wayne Bresky, Andrew Bailey, Americo Allegrino, Steven Wanzong, Chris Velden
Generation of Himawari-8 AMVs using the future MTG AMV processor   Manuel Carranza, Régis Borde, Masahiro Hayashi

POSTER SESSION. Chair: Marie Doutriaux-Boucher

P1: Using data from the advance Himawari-8 (AHI) as a proxy to assess the performance of the GOES-R derived motion winds algorithm   Wayne Bresky
P2: The status of development for AMV algorithm of Geo-KOMPSAT 2A   Tae-Myung Kim
P3: Assimilation of LEO-GEO atmospheric motion vectors in GRAPES   Xiaomin Wan
P4: Studying AMV errors with NWP SAF monitoring website   Francis Warrick
P5: Comparison of AMV height assignment bias estimates from model best-fit pressures and lidar corrections   Kirsti Salonen, Kathrin Folger, Martin Weissmann, and Niels Bormann
P6: AMV quality control method for the next generation geostationary satellite of Korea   Jae Hwan Kim
P7: AMV research activities and progress at ECMWF   Katie Lean, Kirsti Salonen and Niels Bormann
P8: Assimilation and forecast impact of the Leo/Geo AMVs in the GDAS/GFS   Dave Santek
P9: Comparison and impact of newly available atmosssspheric motion vectors in NAVGEM   Rebecca Stone
P10: Update on ocean surface wind assimilation at the Met Office   James Cotton
P11: Comparative impact of ocean surface wind vectors and ocean surface wind speed for global NWP   Nancy Baker
P12: Extending the legacy of MISR cloud motion vectors to tandem spacecraft   Kevin Mueller (for David Diner)
P13: Aeolus QRT services for atmospheric dynamics   Ad Stoffelen
P14: Evaluation of dual-mode Metop AMVs   Régis Borde
P15: Status of 2 satellite winds missions under study in Japan: a Doppler lidar for tropospheric measurements and Smiles-2 for middle atmosphere   Philippe Baron
P:16 SSMIS wind speed neural network algorithm and general purpose OSWV validation tool box   Philip Shen

SESSION 3: AMV quality and impact. Chairs: Christophe Payan and Angeles Hernandez

Evaluation of FY-2E reprocessed winds in GRAPES   Wei Han
Bias assessment of MODIS/MISR cloud motion windsg   Feng Lu
Forecast sensitivity and observation impact (FSOI) inter-comparison experiment   Rolf Langland
Report from ICWG   Dong Wu, Bryan Baum, Andrew Heidinger, Rob Roebeling
Intercomparison of cloud heights for AMV generation   Steve Wanzong, Andrew Heidinger, Jaime Daniels, Régis Borde, Philip Watts, and Wayne Bresky
AMV height retrievals from stereo and IR techniques   Dong Wu
Towards improved height assignment and quality control of AMVs in Met Office NWP   James Cotton, Mary Forsythe, Francis Warrick
Update on AMV activities at the Met Office   Francis Warrick, James Cotton
AMVs: past progress, future challenges   Mary Forsythe

SESSION 4: Use of satellite-derived winds in NWP. Chairs: Nancy Baker and Koji Yamashita

The use of satellite-derived winds in NAVGEM: overview   Patricia Pauley, Randal Pauley, Nancy Baker, and Rebecca Stone
Improving the use of satellite winds at the German Weather Service   Alexander Cress
Assimilation of Himawari-8 atmospheric motion vectors into the NWP systems of JMA   Koji Yamashita
Assessment of AMVs from Himawari-8 and VIIRS   Katie Lean, Kirsti Salonen and Niels Bormann
Recent work on AMV and operational implementation of satellite wind products at the Meteorological Service of Canada   Stephane Laroche
The satellite winds in the operational NWP system at Meteo-France   Christophe Payan
On improving the use of AMVs at NCEP GSI   Iliana Genkova
The impacts of four dimensional thinning on EUMETSAT and JMA AMVs   Xiujuan Su
Assimilation of GOES clear air water vapor atmospheric motion vectors in the NCEP global forecast system   Sharon Nebuda, James A. Jung, Jaime Daniels, John Le Marshall, Iliana Genkova
Impacts of spatial observation error correlation in atmospheric motion vectors on data assimilation   Sihye Lee, Hyo-Jong Song
Scatterometer wind activities at ECMWF   Niels Bormann (for Giovanna De Chiara)
Forecast impact of MISR CMV in GEOS-5   Kevin Mueller

SESSION 5: Use of satellite-derived winds for climate. Chair: Dong Wu

Reprocessing of atmospheric motion vectors at EUMETSAT   Marie Doutriaux-Boucher, Alessio Lattanzio, Olivier Hautecoeur, Régis Borde, and Jörg Schulz

SESSION 6: High-resolution satellite-derived winds. Chairs: Ad Stoffelen and Javier Garcia Pereda

Mesoscale assimilation of scatterometer winds   Ad Stoffelen
Development and Optimization of Mesoscale Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs) using Novel GOES-R Processsing Algorithms on 1-5 min. SRSO Proxy Data, and Demonstration of Readiness for GOES-R Applications via Impact Studies in Mesoscale/Hurrican Data Assimilation and NWP Systems   Dave Stettneer
Assimilation experiments of Himawari-8 rapid scan atmospheric motion vectors   Michiko Otsuka, Masaru Kunii, Hiromu Seko, Kazuki Shimoji
Estimation of the sea surface wind in the vicinity of typhoon using Himawari-8 low-level AMVs   Kenichi Nonaka, Kazuki Shimoji, and Koji Kato
Himawari-8 derived motion winds - operational generation and assimilation   John Le Marshall, David Howard, Yi Xiao, Jamie Daniels, Steve Wanzong, Jim Jung, Wayne Bresky, Andrew Bailey, Tim Morrow, Chris Tingwell, Tan Le, and Denis Margetic
Impact studies of higher resolution COMS AMV in the operational KMA NWP system   Jung-Rim Lee, Hyun-Cheol Shin, Sangwon Joo, Yoonjae Kim
Atmospheric motion vectors from INSAT-3D: ISRO status   Roger Randriamampianina
Use of atmospheric motion vectors in the regional mesoscale model Harmonie in AEMET   Angeles Hernandez

SESSION 7: Hyperspectral AMVs and future missions. Chairs: Feng Lu and Régis Borde

ESA's ADM-Aeolus wind lidar mission - getting ready for launch   Anne Grete Straume-Lindner
The Athena-OAWL mission concept and the Green-OAWL (GROAWL) airborne demonstrator   Sara Tucker
Feature tracked 3D winds from satellite sounders: derivation and impact in global models   David Santek, Anne-Sophie Daloz, Samantha Tushaus, Marek Rogal, Will McCarty
Extraction of 3D wind profiles for IASI level 2 products   Olivier Hautecoeur
MISTiC Winds, a micro-satellite constellation approach to high resoltuion observations of the atmosphere using infrard sounding and 3D wind measurements   K. R. Maschhoff, J. J. Polizotti, H. H. Aumann, and J. Susskind
MISRlite - a convoy mission for Sentinel-3 for vertical updraft measurement of convective systems and preliminary results from AirMISRlite   Jan-Peter Muller