Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 7 - 10 May 2002

EUM P 35

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Welcome address - NESDIS  
C. Velden

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Welcome address - EUMETSAT   T. Mohr  

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C. Velden

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Session 1:
Current Systems to Derive Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs)
  D. Hinsman  

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Session 2:
Mesoscale Applications
  J. Xu  

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Session 3:
Verification/Objective Quality Analysis
  M. Tokuno  

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Session 4:
Rapid Scan and High-Resolution Studies
  J. Le Marshall  

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Session 5:
Microwave/Lidar Studies
  R.C. Bhatia  

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Session 6:
New Techniques and Instruments
  N. Bormann and C. Velden  

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Working Group 1 Report: Methods   J. Daniels  

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Working Group 2 Report: Mesoscale Applications   J. Schmetz  

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Working Group 3 Report: Verification   K. Holmlund  

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SESSION 1: Current Systems to Derive Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs)


Recent Advances to Experimental GMS Atmospheric Motion Vector Processing System at MSC/JMA   R. Kumabe, Y. Kajino and M. Tokuno  

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Current Status of Operationally Derived INSAT-CMVs Quality, Details of Recent Improvements and Utilisation of Derived Products   R.C. Bhatia, D. Singh, S. Prasad and  S.K. Mukharjee  

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Current Status of the EUMETSAT Operational and Future AMV Extraction Facilities   K. Holmlund  

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Reprocessing of Atmospheric Motion Vectors from Meteosat Image Data   J. Gustafsson, L. van de Berg, F. Roveda and A. Yildirim  

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Operational Considerations and Uses for Geostationary Satellite Derived Wind Vectors   C.D. Schuett, T.D. Johnson, M.D. Conner and C.E. Skupniewicz  

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Status and Development of GOES Wind Products at NOAA/NESDIS   J. Daniels, C. Velden, W. Bresky, A. Irving and K. Turner  

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Update on UW-CIMSS Atmospheric Motion Vector Research and Development   G. Dengel and C. Velden  

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SESSION 2: Mesoscale Applications


Mesoscale Winds in Vincinity of Convection and Winter Storms   R.M. Rabin  

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Using Cloud-Motion Winds to Understand Kinematic Processes of Deep Convection: Anvil-Level Outflow and Momentum Transport   J.R. Mecikalski  

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Observation of the Diurnal Variation of Upper Tropospheric Divergence in a Tropical Convective System   J. Schmetz, K. Holmlund, M. König and H.-J. Lutz  

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Lagrangian Evolution of Cloud Properties from Geostationary Satellites
(Abstract only)
  B. Soden  

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SESSION 3: Verification/Objective Quality Analysis


Characterising and Correcting Speed Biases in Atmospheric Motion Vectors within the ECMWF System   N. Bormann, G. Kelly and J-N. Thépaut  

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Automatic Quality Control with the CIMSS RFF and EUMETSAT QI Schemes   K. Holmlund  

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The Spatial Structure of Observation Errors in Atmospheric Motion Vectors   N. Bormann, S. Saarinen, J.-N. Thépaut and G. Kelly  

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High Density Atmospheric Motion Vectors and their Application to Operational Numerical Weather Prediction   J. Le Marshall, G. Mills, R. Seecamp, N. Pescod, L.M. Leslie and A. Rea  

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Modifications in the Operational Use of Satellite Atmospheric Motion Winds at CMC   R. Sarrazin and B. Brasnett  

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Impact of High Density Atmospheric Motion Vectors in NCMRWF Global Data Assimilation-Forecast System   M. Das Gupta, A.K. Mitra, S.C. Kar, V.S. Prasad, G.R. Iyengar, D. Rajan, R.K. Paliwal and S.V. Singh  

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Improvements in Forecasts at the Met Office through Reduced Weights for Satellite Winds   P. Butterworth, S. English, F. Hilton and K. Whyte  

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SESSION 4: Rapid-Scan and High-Resolution Studies


Impact Experiments on NWP with Rapid Scan AMVs   Y. Nakamura, E. Ozawa, K. Onogi and R. Kumabe  

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Operational AMV Products Derived with Meteosat-6 Rapid Scan Data   A. de Smet  

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Assimilation of GOES Rapid-Scan Winds into an Experimental Eta Model during Atlantic Hurricanes   H.I. Berger  

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SESSION 5: Microwave/Lidar Studies


Wind Fields Retrieved from SAR in Comparison to Numerical Models   J. Horstmann, W. Koch and S. Lehner  

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A New Method of Retrieval of Wind Velocity over the Sea Surface in Tropical Cyclones over the Data of Microwave Measurements   A. F. Nerushev  

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Impact of MSMR Surface Wind Speed on the Analysis and Forecast of a Limited Area Model   S.K. Roy Bhomik and A.M. Sud  

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Use of Seawinds for Weather Forecasting   A. Stoffelen  

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Naval Utilization and Research on Wind Remote Sensing   J.D. Hawkins, T. Lee and J. Turk  

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Status of the Doppler Wind Lidar Profiling Mission ADM-Aeolus   P. Ingmann and  M. Endemann  

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Lite on ADM-Aeolus Performance   A. Stoffelen and G.-J. Marseille  

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Observing System Simulation Experiments to Define Lidar Wind Requirements   R. Atlas  

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SESSION 6: New Techniques and Instruments


Deriving Winds from Polar Orbiting Satellite Data   D. Santek, J.R. Key, C. Velden, N. Bormann, J-N. Thépaut and W.P. Menzel  

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Impact of MODIS Winds on DAO Systems   L. P. Riishojgaard and Y. Zhu  

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Status of MISR Cloud-Motion Wind Product   A. Horváth, R. Davies and G. Seiz  

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NASA DAO Assessment of MISR Cloud Track Winds
(Abstract only)
  D. Frank  

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Using the GOES 3.9 µm Shortwave Infrared Channel to Track Low-Level Cloud-Drift Winds   J.P. Dunion, C. Velden  

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Improvements in the Retrieval of Low Cloud Motion Winds over Land on Satellite Images   F. Désalmand, A. Szantai, G. Sèze and M. Desbois  

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Automatic Navigation of FY-2 Geosynchronous Meteorological Satellite Images   J. Xu and Q. Zhang  

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Verification of Automatic Windsand Heights with Asynchronous Stereo Analysis   G.G. Campbell and G. Dengel  

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Comparison of Cloud Motion Vector Height Assignment Techniques Using the GOES-12 Imager   A.J. Schreiner, W.P. Menzel  

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Wind Extraction Using Satellite Images in CPTEC: New Version and Evaluation with WETAMC/LBA and Operational DSA/CPTEC Data   H. Laurent, N. Arai, B. Fomin, L. Augusto, T. Machado and M.A. Gondim  

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