Ascona, Switzerland, 10-12 June 1996

EUM P 18

ISBN 92-9110-018-8
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Session 1:
Operational Systems to Derive Satellite-Tracked Winds
  Hans Peter Roesli  

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Session 2:
Utilization of Satellite-Tracked Winds
  Donald Hinsman  

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Session 3:
Validation and Verification
  Mikael Rattenborg  

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Session 4:
New Techniques
  Graeme Kelly  

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Working Group 1 Report: Methods   J. Schmetz  

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Working Group 2 Report: Utilisation   C. Velden/J. Le Marshall  

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Working Group 3 Report: Verification Statistics   W.P. Menzel  

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SESSION 1: Operational Systems to Derive Satellite-Tracked Winds


Operational System for Extracting Cloud Motion and Water Vapor Motion Winds from GMS-5 image data   M. Tokuno  

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Recent Performance and Upgrades to the GOES-8/9 Operational Cloud Motion Vectors   S. Nieman, J. Daniels, D. Gray, S. Wanzong, C.S. Velden and W.P. Menzel  

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Improvements in Automated Cloud Motion Vectors (CMVs) Derivation Scheme Using INSAT VHRR Data   R.C. Bhatia, P.N. Khanna and Sant Prasad  

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Calculation of Cloud Motion Wind with GMS-5 Images in China   Xu J., Zhang Q.  

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Operational Wind Products from new Meteosat Ground Segment   M. Rattenborg and K. Holmlund  

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The GOES-8 and -9 Winds Operation in NOAA/NESDIS - Present and Future
(Abstract only)
  R. Walter  

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The Estimation and Utility of High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Winds Derived from GMS-5 Observations   J. Le Marshall, N.R. Pescod and C. Spinoso  

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Low-Level Winds from High-Resolution Visible Imagery   J. Schmetz, K. Holmlund and A. Ottenbacher  

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SESSION 2: Utilization of Satellite-Tracked Winds


Positive Impact of Satellite Derived Winds during the 1995 Hurricane Season: Example of Optimizing Data Applications and Processing Strategy   C. Velden  

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Nonlinear Objective Analysis of Wind Field for NWP Models   T. Kunhikrishnan and S. Rajamani  

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Meteosat Cloud-Cleared Radiances for use in Three/Four-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation   G.A. Kelly, M. Tomassini and M. Matricardi  

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Satellite Winds Calculated at INM and its Usefulness for the Operational Forecaster   J.M. Fernández Serdán and F. Martín León  

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The Impact of Satellite-Derived Winds on Weather Forecasting in Africa   G. Wanjiru Gitonga  

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Current Status of Studying Cloud Drift Wind in China
(Abstract only)
  J.E. Chen  

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Detailed Cloud Motions from Satellite Imagery Taken at Thirty Second and One and Three Minute Intervals   J. Purdom  

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Assimilation Experiment with Low Level Cloud Motion Winds at ECMWF   M. Tomassini  

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SESSION 3: Validation and Verification


Normalised Quality Indicators for EUMETSAT Cloud Motion Winds   K. Holmlund  

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Verification Activities Since the Second Winds Workshop   D. Hinsman  

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NESDIS and NWS Assessment of GOES-8/9 Operational Satellite-Motion Winds   D. Gray, J. Daniels, S. Nieman, S. Lord and G. DiMego  

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Validation of INSAT Derived Cloud Motion Vectors (CMVs) and their use for Improving the Analysis of Synoptic Scale Weather Systems   R.C. Bhatia, R. Sanehi and P.N. Khanna  

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Improvements in the Quality Assessment of Automated Satellite-Derived Cloud and Water Vapor Motion Vectors
  W.P. Menzel, C.M. Hayden, S. Nieman, C.S. Velden and S. Wanzong  

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Verification of Meteosat Winds from MPEF and MIEC
  H. Woick  

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Monitoring of Cloud-Motion Wind Data in Numerical Weather Prediction   B. Strauss and A. Garcia-Mendez  

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SESSION 4: New Techniques


Construction of Cloud Trajectories and Motion of Cirrus Clouds and Water Vapour Structures   A. Szantai, M. Desbois, L. Picon, H. Laurent, F. Desalmand  

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Experience in the Height Attribution of Pure Water Vapour Structure Displacement Vectors   G. Büche, H. Karbstein and H. Fischer  

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Update on Accurate Cloud Motion and Heights Using Time Adjusted Stereo   G.G. Campbell, J.F.W. Purdom and C.E. Vaughn  

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Neurofuzzy Extraction of Wind Data from Remotely Sensed Images   F. Newland, A.R.L. Tatnall and M. Brown  

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Correlation and Relaxation Labelling - An Experimental Investigation on Fast Algorithms   Q.X. Wu, S.J. McNeill and D. Pairman  

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Winds from Meteosat and GMS WV-Imagery Using Variational Techniques   M. Rohn  

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The Complexity of Validation: A Comparison of in Situ, Scatterometer and ECMWF Model Winds   A. Stoffelen  

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